Internationally touring bassist and music director Rob Morgan sits down over drinks with intriguing people to try and learn what it means to live a curious life.

November 16, 2019

+++ Let’s Cheers! - How To Reach Out To Someone You Admire To “Pick Their Brain Over Coffee”

Have you ever wanted to reach out to someone you respect to get together for advice but didn’t know how to ask?
Maybe, you hit someone up already but didn’t get a ‘yes’ or EVEN WORSE… you never got a response. The act of reaching out to people you respect is a catalyst to living a curious life, but nothing makes a person’s eyes roll back in their head far enough to watch their own hair grow from the inside out than a vague, “I’d love to pick your brain…” email.
So… how the hell do we even go about it? In today’s “Let’s Cheers” podcast I outline 3 things you should keep in mind when doing this, so grab an americano and join me in the shadow of a cathedral in… Boise Idaho? What?… to learn more.


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November 14, 2019

+++ Let’s Cheers! - Hunting chickens, doing laundry, and the dangers of success at young age. (feat. Dan Rodriguez)

Have I ever told you my theory about how Michael Jackson (and countless other child stars that found success at an early age) were actually emotionally stunted because they didn’t have to do their own laundry?

Well... Dan Rodriguez has done my laundry twice this last week, but that’s beside the point…

Join Dan and I in the van to talk about why, in a destination orientated culture, we should look at the journey our careers, the parts often considered mundane, with gratitude.

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November 12, 2019

+++ Let’s Cheers! - “Astronauts, Austin Texas, And The Other 23 hrs”

Just got out of a soundcheck in Austin Texas and was reminded of a thought I had about how we often get confused about some of the skillsets we ACTUALLY get hired for, that we may not always recognize.


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November 11, 2019

Question 71 // How does Vulfpeck keep their voice “On A Dial”? (feat. Cory Wong & Kevin Gastonguay)

Musicians Cory Wong and Kevin Gastonguay (Vulfpeck, Dr Mambo’s Combo, New Sound Underground, NBC’s “The Voice,”, Ben Rector, Gene Simmons, Questlove, The Blind Boys of Alabama, Bootsy Collins, Blake Shelton) join Rob as they carpool to a studio session the next state over.
What does it mean to put your musical voice ‘on a dial’? What are musicians talking about when they say “It’s all about the song”? And, as artists, are we allowed to recycle our own ideas? Join Rob, Cory, and Kevin as they talk about these questions and more,
Recording Location: HWY 94 East, between Minneapolis, MN & Menomonie, WI. 


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November 7, 2019

+++ Let’s Cheers! - “The Compression Of Comfort”

Episode 1 of my "Let's Cheers!" experiment. LET'S FREAKIN GO!


I'm in New Orleans and was reminded of a couple conversations I had yesterday in Nashville that had NOTHING to do with creativity, comfort, and forward motion. But then again... everything's connected... maybe they had EVERYTHING to do with it...


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October 21, 2019

A CURIOUS ENDEAVOR [AMSTERDAM!] - “Buds, Beans, and a Bruin Café” Let’s talk about weed in Amsterdam!

In America, any time you tell a friend that you’re headed to Amsterdam, you inevitably get a response involving a knowing smile, a wink, and a friendly elbow to the rips. “Amsterdam eh? Gonna visit a ‘Coffee Shop’ while you’re there? That’s where they sell the MARIJUANA you know right?” Hell yes I’ll be visiting a ‘coffee’ shop! But I want to find out what the locals feel about all of it. I can’t help but to think… I wonder if the Dutch or Germans would exchange their right to smoke weed or drink beer in public (something that could land an American in jail) for our “freedom” to cary guns in public. Would YOU ever be willing to swap? Join me in my hotel room in Amsterdam for the final installment of my travel series:


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October 15, 2019

A CURIOUS ENDEAVOR [AMSTERDAM!] - What A Starfire bass, a Fuji camera, and a pair of Redwings have to do with your creative decision making.

I made a MASSIVE MISTAKE in a studio session last week when it came to gear I decided to bring… Now, I’m sitting on a terrace in Leuven Belgium and I JUST realized it’s completely connected to the choices I’ve made today. Join me on the podcast as I talk about the importance of being comfortable with the gear you’re using, no matter what your creative medium, In order to be as mindful and as present in the moment as possible. A CURIOUS ENDEAVOR [AMSTERDAM!] - What A Starfire bass, a Fuji camera, and a pair of Redwings have to do with your creative decision making.


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October 12, 2019

A CURIOUS ENDEAVOR [AMSTERDAM!] - 3 things you should BRING TO GIVE AWAY on your next trip!

It’s a common travel strategy to make sure you leave extra space in your suitcase when packing to save room for purchases and souvenirs you’ll want to bring home. But what if there was something you could BRING TO GIVE AWAY that would ensure the opportunity to have an interaction or connection with someone you’ll never forget? Join me over coffee in the shadow of a cathedral in Delft Netherlands to talk about three things you need to bring on your next trip to give away.


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October 11, 2019

A CURIOUS ENDEAVOR [AMSTERDAM!] - When in doubt, copy someone else.

Musicians - Have you ever found yourself not knowing what to work on or practice next, wishing someone would just tell you the next right direction to focus your energy on?


Me too! It’s a good thing! It means you’re in a place of transition and opportunity!


Travelers - Have you ever found yourself in a restaurant or bar where the menu is in a different language, no cheesy tourist point and order pictures, and you have no idea what your options are?


Me too! It’s a good thing! t means you’re eating at the local haunt!


Over the years, I’ve discovered a life cheat code that’s helped me in both music and traveling internationally.


Join me in Amsterdam before I catch a train to Delft to find out more.

October 9, 2019

A CURIOUS ENDEAVOR [AMSTERDAM!] - Can I take a photo while staying in the moment?

Ever feel like you’re constantly having to decide between pulling out your cellphone or camera to take a picture to CAPTURE A MOMENT or leaving it in your pocket so you can be fully present and IN THE MOMENT? Me too. The problem is… for the past year, I’ve been curious if there’s a way we can have BOTH and I’ve discovered a way that makes a MASSIVE difference! (…here’s a hint… it has to do with the reason why the back of my camera is going to look like it does on my instagram post for the next week while Sarah and I are in Europe and I think you should give it a try. Listen to todays podcast as I explain more while waiting for my flight at Minneapolis International Airport


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