Internationally touring bassist and music director Rob Morgan sits down over drinks with intriguing people to try and learn what it means to live a curious life.

August 10, 2020

聞く “Light Rain & Rolling Thunder”

聞く “Light Rain & Rolling Thunder”


August 10th, 2020_1:58am_My Home Front Porch_Minneapolis, MN


Last night was INSANE! I absolutely love thunderstorms, but I’ve never experienced an entire night of constant, non-stop, rolling thunder and lightning like what happened last night here in Minneapolis. It was so incredible that, although I could barely keep my eyes open, I grabbed my binaural recording setup and headed to the front porch to capture a field recording of it. Give it a listen on the podcast.


Note For The Curious: While traveling, I often like to throw on headphones and listen to ambient audio of rain & thunder – whether trying to fall asleep on a plain/noisy hotel or even just to center myself for a few moments before a big show. Because of that, I created a TWO HOUR long audio clip of this. If you’d like it, download it for free on the podcast website. (Link Below)


聞く is a curious endeavor into the heart of listening through the art of binaural recording. Best listened to with the highest quality headphones you can get your hands on.

August 8, 2020

“Waves, Commas, Periods, and Surfing” (Career advice from Neil Patrick Harris)

Five years ago, I got back from the biggest gig of my life opening for my all-time favorite band, The Foo Fighters, when my music career dried up almost overnight.

It took me two years to realize that the dry spell I was in was a comma, not a period, and if someone would have told me what I share on today’s Daily Guinness episode, it would have saved me quite a bit of confusion and a couple of years thinking that my music career was over.

The Off Camera Show:

August 7, 2020

+++ Daily Guinness - Where do great ideas come from?

I’ve spent the greater part of my musical journey surrounded by the obsession of trying to come up with “original” ideas.

I mean, that’s how it works right? Songwriters don’t want to get sued with an accidental copyright infringement and backing-musicians are constantly trying to come up with ways to stand out from the hordes of others trying to land the same gig.

The problem is, constantly obsessing about whether my ideas are “original” or not is one of the fastest ways to take me out of the moment, stop listening to myself, and ensures that the mystical flow of ideas is almost certainly shut off.

Maybe, instead of obsessing if it’s “original” or not… maybe the goal is to simply cultivate as many great ideas as possible. But how the hell do I go about doing that? Enter: David Lynch. One of the most creative and original artists of our time.

On today’s Daily Guinness, I share some of his thoughts on where ideas come from and how to “catch” as many as possible.

David Lynch Audio Curtesy of: BAMorg & The Atlantic

August 5, 2020

Question 75 // Is Photography Binary? (feat. Lucas Botz)

Man, whether or not you consider yourself a photographer, photography is engrained into our everyday lives. Now, every one of us has a quality camera in our pockets at all times and because of that, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Art & Ethics of it lately.

Is it appropriate to be taking selfies at places like memorials or protests? Is it appropriate to film strangers on the street any time we want? Is there a way to take a photo while still staying in the moment? Can cameras be a tool for social justice? What’s the difference between a pro and an amateur photographer? Is there a benefit to shooting film in the digital age?

I have a ton of questions but – like most things in life – I have a feeling that the answers… if there are any… won’t be binary.

Join me as I sit down with professional photographer, Lucas Botz, over coffee as we talk about all this and more.

July 31, 2020

+++ Daily Guinness - Buy the bar a round! | (612) 584-9330 

July 30, 2020

+++ Daily Guinness - Guinness Float? Gross! We’ll take two… | (612) 584-9330 

July 29, 2020

+++ Daily Guinness - Routines vs Practices

Read Ryan Holiday's Article Here:

July 28, 2020

Unlocking your palate with “Hyper Specific Tasting Notes”

This morning, my coffee smelled like a Wendy’s crispy chicken sandwich and I couldn’t have been more pumped about it. Here’s why…


Two years ago, I interviewed wine Sommelier and professional badass, Leslee Miller who taught me a phrase – “Thinking and Drinking” – that turned my curiosity on overdrive about expanding my palate for tasting different food and drinks.


I realized that – for years – when trying to describe the smell or taste of something, I was actually asking myself “What SHOULD I be smelling and tasting?” instead of “What AM I smelling and tasting?”


So I came up with a game I call “Hyper Specific Tasting Notes.” My friends and I do it all the time now and now, a couple years later, it’s  changed the way I eat and drink.


For the curious, join me on today’s Daily Guinness episode as I talk more about unlocking your palate with “Hyper Specific Tasting Notes”

July 27, 2020

“Omens vs Resistance” - Overthinking my weekend on the toilet!

This is the picture of a plywood-walled toilet in a New York City restaurant, and the couple who spent thirteen minutes of their first date four inches from me having explosive diarrhea.


I knew it was their first date because I was listening to every word they said while I was doing that thing where you squeeze to try not to poop too loud when you know others can hear you. Maybe throwing a perfectly timed muffle-flush here and there.


Speaking of explosive diarrhea…


For 70+ hours this week/end, the only time my feet hit the floor was when they were taking me from my bed to the toilet.


Literally three days into this “Daily Guinness” podcast experiment and I’m stuck racking up frequent flyer miles on the stool pool, pouring my own “pint of proper”… if you catch my drift.


The timing of this was THE WORST and it got me thinking:


Chances are, you’re like me and have been thinking of starting something ballsy, new, and maybe a little scary. When shit hits the fan at the start


(or literally, “the porcelain” in my case)


Should we view these events as an “Omen” (via Paulo Coelho’s ‘The Alchemist) or “Resistance” (via Steven Pressfield’s ‘The War Of Art’)?


One hints that we should shift directions, the other dares us to push forward. They seem to contradict each other and I chat about it on today’s “Daily Guinness” episode.

July 22, 2020

The habit that changed me from a DREAMER to a DOER! (feat. Alex Grahmann)

How do you go from someone with a ton of great ideas to actually acting on them?


Most people think the hardest part is coming up with great ideas or the acting on them. I disagree. Chances are, you have killer ideas coming to mind every day. Most of us haven’t gotten in the habit of keeping track of them, so they constantly evaporate into the universe.


Two years ago, I sat down over coffee to record Question #4 of the podcast with my friend Alex Grahmann who taught me that part of living a curious life is writing things down!


In today’s episode, I revisit part of our conversation, I talk about what approach I use to keep track of thoughts & ideas, and how this habit has transformed my life over the past two years of implementing it.




My full orgiginal interview w/ Alex: