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April 10, 2018

Question 33 // What is a SWOT analysis for creatives ? (feat. Jordan Walker)

Jordan Walker is a photographer, entrepreneur, musician, creative thinker, and a close friend of mine. He’s the CEO of Narrate Studios and if you’ve been following the podcast, you’ve seen his work because he took all the press and artwork photos for the podcast.  This episode is specifically for anyone who finds themselves thinking that being creative and being intentional seem like binary opposites and wishes they were able to find a way to connect that gap.  I sat down with Jordan to ask him about the balance he’s found being a creative person but also an intentional leader in the business side of his compony to see if he has any tactical advice and action steps you can put into place wherever you are in your creative journey.

In this convo we talk about: 

-Capsule Wardrobes -Decision Fatigue (the reason I started wearing all black a couple years ago and still do to this day) -The difference between working “in” a business and “on” your business

What a SWOT analysis and Mission Statement are and how creatives can use them to find focus and clarity in what they do

Recording Location: Parallel Coffee, Minneapolis, MN

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