Internationally touring bassist and music director Rob Morgan sits down over drinks with intriguing people to try and learn what it means to live a curious life.

September 9, 2020

Is Apathy The Opposite of Patriotism? (feat. Dan Rodriguez) | Question № 77

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September 3, 2020

Scheduling Happiness (feat. Cory Wong)

With all the shit that’s been happening in 2020, have you ever thought about scheduling happiness in your life?


Me neither. UNTIL I sat down with my friend Cory a couple of years ago and he told me about how he makes a point to make sure he intentionally sets aside time each week to mark off a couple of things I would have NEVER thought about putting on a to-do list.


So, I tried it for myself and I just realized today it’s become a habit in my life and also the reason you’ll never run into me without a 3M sticky note in my wallet. 


So, grab an americano, pull up a chair, and join Cory and me and he talks about why we need, now more than ever, to be scheduling happiness in our week.

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September 1, 2020

聞く “Coffee On The Rum”

聞く “Coffee On The Rum”


September 31st, 2020_7:06am_Light Rain_Rum River


We loaded up the motorcycles and rode North under blue skies. Away from the city, away from the noise, and away from the madness of 2020. And then came the rain.


A quote by George Santayana comes to mind, “We need sometimes to escape into open solitudes, into aimlessness, into the moral holiday of running some pure hazard, in order to sharpen the edge of life, to taste hardship and to be compelled to work desperately for a moment no matter what.” That’s why you’ll never hear me complain about the rain.


There are countless concerts I’ve played, cities I’ve wandered, or days I’ve simply spent outdoors with strikingly perfect weather. These memories, although enjoyable, seem to find their way into the commonplace of my memory, simply labeled, “Past”.


But days who’s plans were interrupted by rain… the edge of those memories have been sharpened.


Those, I always seem to remember.


Note For The Curious: While traveling, I often like to throw on headphones and listen to ambient audio of rain & thunder – whether trying to fall asleep on a plain/noisy hotel or even just to center myself for a few moments before a big show. Because of that, I created a TWO HOUR long audio clip of this. If you’d like it, download it for free on the podcast website.


聞く is a curious endeavor into the heart of listening through the art of binaural recording. Best listened to with the highest quality headphones you can get your hands on.