Internationally touring bassist and music director Rob Morgan sits down over drinks with intriguing people to try and learn what it means to live a curious life.

A CURIOUS ENDEAVOR [AMSTERDAM!] - When in doubt, copy someone else.

October 11, 2019

Musicians - Have you ever found yourself not knowing what to work on or practice next, wishing someone would just tell you the next right direction to focus your energy on?


Me too! It’s a good thing! It means you’re in a place of transition and opportunity!


Travelers - Have you ever found yourself in a restaurant or bar where the menu is in a different language, no cheesy tourist point and order pictures, and you have no idea what your options are?


Me too! It’s a good thing! t means you’re eating at the local haunt!


Over the years, I’ve discovered a life cheat code that’s helped me in both music and traveling internationally.


Join me in Amsterdam before I catch a train to Delft to find out more.