Internationally touring bassist and music director Rob Morgan sits down over drinks with intriguing people to try and learn what it means to live a curious life.

Question 9 // When are you too old to make a career change? (feat. Luke Meek)

June 13, 2017

Luke Meek is an internationally touring production manager for the likes of: Lissie, NEEDTOBREATH, Owl City, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, Tyrone Wells, Stephen Kellogg, The Nadas and the list goes on… Luke became a good friend of mine from our time working together and traveling the world with Owl City as soon as I heard about what’s been happening with him lately, I knew we had to sit down and talk the next time we were in the same city together.  

Maybe you’re someone who feels unsettled in their career and is looking for a change, Maybe you’re a music lover/concert goer and curious about what a production manager’s role is, Maybe you’re a musician who's on tour or hopes to one day tour looking for some advice, Maybe you’re a freelancer or entrepreneur looking for tips on how to live a sustainable balanced life… We talk about all of it. Enjoy. 


In this episode we talk about: - Balancing “Fake it till yo make it” and authenticly knowing when to ask for advice - Believing that you’re never too old to change in life whether it’s personally or professionally.  - ‘Time is Currency’ Finding your own work/life balance - How music has taken an Iowa boy all over the world - Maintaining a healthy relationship with your significant other while on the road: Advice and Stories - Understanding the ‘bell curve' of career/finances/personal time and learing to live in the middle instead of the extremes: ‘Keeping your life overhead low'  - The unglamorous side of touring: it’s still work -  Advice/Tips for musicians and crew while on the road with music   - Embracing “It’s not about me!”: Just because you’re on stage, doesn’t mean you can be a diva - The importance of cultivating a good work ethic - Realizing your attitude, good or bad, has influence on everyone around you - Figuring out your professional career identity and realizing that’s different than your personal identity: Your work doesn’t define you. - Understanding that life’s doors don’t alway open clearly, sometimes you need to take a calculated risk before you find the clear answers.


Thanks to our special guests (both of our wives) that drank and hung with us during our convo. 


Recording Location: Volstead’s Emporium Speakeasy, Secret Location Somewhere In Minneapolis Drinks: Deliciously Crafted Whisky Cocktails and Wine

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